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Book Destinations: World’s Oldest Bookstore Lives Here

Livraria Bertrand Lisbon Portugal
Livraria Bertrand, Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

Livraria Bertrand is a Portuguese-owned publishing house. Established in 1732, the company still stands today and is located in Lisbon. The original store in Lisbon’s Chiado district was proclaimed by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest, privately-owned bookstore in the globe in 2011. This small-sized business started out as a small printing and binding shop on the Lisbon seafront.

The Livraria Bertrand store in Lisbon started out as a small book store offering local goods and as time passed it has expanded to include photography, greeting cards, gift lists, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, and now it even offers audio-visual products. The store is popular not only with the locals but is gaining popularity among tourists who stop by to purchase literature, coffee-table books, and maps from their Lisbon Bertrand bookstore. A common item on the shelf of the store is the photograph of Lisbon’s famed rose, the Compass Rose. While other local retailers are selling calendars, postcards, pencils, notebooks, gift certificates, paintings, and wall art with photographs, the store sells its own photo source, which includes a selection of old photographs exclusively from the owner’s collection.

Livraria Bertrand
Livraria Bertrand, Lisbon, Portugal

Tourists will not want to miss the chance to visit the Livraria Bertrand, the world’s oldest bookstore. This wonderful location has an excellent selection of both printed and non-printed materials, and a number of excellent and unique books. Today, Bertrand operates a network of 52 shops across Portugal. They are worth a visit.

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